Sunday, 25 September 2011

A perfect day

Recently I noticed a model on one of the sites who lives in the same area of the UK as myself, it turned out Oona is actually only about 10 minutes from me !

So I contacted Oona, she liked the look of my work and kindly agreed to work with me. Shortly afterwards I saw that the weather was supposed to be good a few days on and contacted Oona to see if she was available. Oona was working in the afternoon of the day forecast as good but was good enough to get up early so we could shoot during the morning.

Having had it windy and at times showery I was concerned the chosen day would be similar, but with autumn and colder weather just around the corner I wanted to shoot with Oona a.s.a.p., but it was perfect, still, sunny and warm, just what a nude model needs !

Oona is a great model and lovely person, we are both looking forward to working together again n the near future.