Saturday, 31 December 2011

Annabelle, the last shoot

I worked with Annabelle a few times. The first time she was very comfortable with me but was not accustomed to working in the open countryside, consequently she was a little nervous and constantly scanning around for other people coming along.

By the time we did this shoot she was very relaxed. At one pint while we were working alongside the river a couple came along on the other side. Annabelle wasn't the least bit disturbed, I had to suggest she stand near a Hawthorn bush so it was between her and the couple. She actually seemed quite excited to know they were just feet away while she frolicked nude for the camera.
We used several differnet locations that day, you feel by moving you are less likely to get caught, but then at a new location you don't know if someone else is already there out of sight ?

Sadly since these were shot Annabelle has finished at university and is concentrating on her 'proper' career. I am hoping she misses her modelling and one day again disrobes for me in some beautiful countryside.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

To come.

Having had a little snow on Monday and into Tuesday winter is here and so it is too cold now for location shoots, so over the winter months I shall upload some work from earlier shoots. Will try and add some before Christmas :-)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Second shoot with Rachel

I think Rachel has friends in high places, two shoots with her and both had sunshine ! The air was cool, the ground damp and colder. But having seen some images from the last shoot with Camilla and a few from the shoot with Helen, Rachel was determined to give it a go.

We did just one hour as I could see the cold starting to get to Rachel, but what an hour !

Matt, Rachel's partner had been able to come for this shoot, with Matt acting as lookout Rachel and I could concentrate more on the photo's, just as well as where we worked is a popular spot with walkers and climbers. We didn't see any climbers but there were numerous walkers. As the location is quite big and varied we were able to move around to avoid onlookers.

The shots on the rocks with a big sky behind are something I have wanted to do for years but thought it impossible because of the popularity of the location. Rachel visiting the location for the first time was as inspired as I and as determined to use the rocks. We had a brief window of time when we had the rocks to ourselves and so worked fast and furious.

Both Rachel and I are very pleased with many of the images we created together. It is definitely getting too cold now for further shoots this year, so we are both very much looking forward to next year and already making plans.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tomorrow !

If the weather is as forecast and all goes to plan I shall be having my second shoot with the gorgeous and talented Rachel.

I have to say these last few weeks have been very good and very special for me, I am enormously grateful to these beautiful and talented young ladies who are also all very, very nice people adding to the pleasure of working with them hugely :-)

Update number 5 - Helen, up to date :-)

I had admired Helen for some time, as she lives around one hundred and fifty miles from me I didn't think there was much chance of us getting together :-( Then I received a message from her, she was heading north and would I be interested in working with her ? If so she could come my way :-) As with Camilla it was too good an opportunity too good to miss :-)

As the due date was only a few days hence numerous messages passed between Helen and I as we both like to build a rapport if possible before meeting. After talking lots via the internet I think we both felt we knew each other quite well already :-)

On the day poor Helen had to set off at 5.30am in order to work with me before going north. We started around 8.30am, a November morning that early and after night time rain the conditions were not very nice especially under foot ! Helen didn't want to get her trainers all muddy and opted to be bare foot for the bulk of the time. After the over night rain where the paths were narrow and well trodden they were also very muddy. Helen' feet were apicture in themselves !

But Helen is a real trooper and star, no matter how cold and how wet and muddy she just laughed constantly, we both did. She is one of the most likeable people I have ever met as well as a great model. We have both already decided that we have to work together again, but when it is warmer and drier !Again just a few pic's as few have been edited as yet :-)

Update number 4 - More with brilliant Camilla

Camilla had an afternoon shoot booked with another photographer near me and so asked if I wouuld be interested in working with her during the morning ? When Camilla asks, she doesn't need to ask twice ! Not only is she very talented, she is also a great young person, a total pleasure to work with :-)

In the ned the other photographer called off his arranged shoot, Camilla kindly said she would come to me as planned anyway, I decided the other photographers loss was my gain and said to Camilla we could do more hours if she wished. I am pleased to say she did :-)

I had told Camilla about the main location we were to use but she hadn't seen it. She loved it, it really fired her creativity which is always on a high anyway. Being November it wasn't very warm, mild for the time of year but not warm. but with a few warm up breaks she worked away brilliantly :-)

We finished off at off at another nearby location, by then I was getting cold never mind Camilla. I knew she was as she had lost her bubble and bounce, most unusual ! It was worth it though, we are both very pleased with many of the images :-) Below are just a few, I will upload more once edited :-)