Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Update number 4 - More with brilliant Camilla

Camilla had an afternoon shoot booked with another photographer near me and so asked if I wouuld be interested in working with her during the morning ? When Camilla asks, she doesn't need to ask twice ! Not only is she very talented, she is also a great young person, a total pleasure to work with :-)

In the ned the other photographer called off his arranged shoot, Camilla kindly said she would come to me as planned anyway, I decided the other photographers loss was my gain and said to Camilla we could do more hours if she wished. I am pleased to say she did :-)

I had told Camilla about the main location we were to use but she hadn't seen it. She loved it, it really fired her creativity which is always on a high anyway. Being November it wasn't very warm, mild for the time of year but not warm. but with a few warm up breaks she worked away brilliantly :-)

We finished off at off at another nearby location, by then I was getting cold never mind Camilla. I knew she was as she had lost her bubble and bounce, most unusual ! It was worth it though, we are both very pleased with many of the images :-) Below are just a few, I will upload more once edited :-)

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