Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Update number 2 - Auburn Rose

Around three weeks after the shoot with Mikayla I was lucky enough to work with Auburn Rose. Rachel lives around 20 miles from me but I only became aware of her a few days before we worked together ! Rachel has trained in ballet and so is very graceful and elegant even when simply moving around a location.

I decided a good place for us to work would be a disused quarry, the hard angular surfaces being a good contrast with Rachel's beautiful soft curves. Also it was only a few minutes drive for each of us :-)

Being October it was a gamble on the weather. The forecasts said it would be sunny if cool. When I set off it was grey and drizzly here in Derby, the ground was wet and cold, I thought this will not be pleasant for Rachel. But the further I travelled the better it got ! At the quarry it was sunny but with a cold wind. The sheer rock faces gave some shelter from the wind though and Rachel had wisely brought a warm bath robe. The location worked perfectly and Rachel was tremendous, nothing was too much trouble resulting in some great images :-)

We finished off at a nearby beauty spot which has various sculptures. One of them I and another model had used before but Jess couldn't go nude as we had wanted due to a couple sat on a bench nearby. This time we seemed to be alone so Rachel said she was good to try it. As Rachel quickly undressed I changed the memory card. When I turned around Rachel had disappeared, I turned a bit further, she was perched on the sculpture in her bath robe !

I was now ready so she deftly removed the bath robe. We kept hearing voices but couldn't see anyone, Rachel continued with some wonderful poses. Very quickly we had around 40 images ! We decided we had pushed our luck enough. Rachel quickly got dressed and non too soon, as an old couple appeared from amongst the trees lower down the hillside. Neither of us had to rush back home, so we went and got  a hot drink and had a long and interesting chat :-)

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