Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lots to add !

Summer has passed and autumn begun, having had mixed and bland summer weather autumn has been quite good, amazing at times. Consequently I have done more shoots in recent weeks than the rst of the year ! With a lot to add I'd best get to it :-)

Update number 1 - Mikayla

Mikayla is from West Yorkshire, to save her some travelling I decided on a location between the two of us near Hathersage.

The location I had decided on is a popular spot with walkers amongst others, but with the school children incarcerated again I thought it would be relatively quiet, just right for a fairly new models first location shoot.

As we pulled into the car park I was filled with trepadation, I hate to think what Mikayla was filled with ? There were two full size and empty coaches, not to mention a few cars !

We decided we might as well go and have a look. The location being so large it looked almost deserted. We wndered away from the beaten track. Mikayla doesn't drive so Jon her partner had driven her down, smashing lad with a cracking sense of humour and another pair of eyes to act as lookout !

Mikayla was a litle nervous at first, can't think why ? But after about 30 minutes she was loving being nude in the sunshine. It was a very late and unlikely heatwave that week, Mikayla was a little too hot, that was nothing compared with Jon and myself , especially Jon, Mikayla had packed a suit case not realising she really ony needed her birthday suit, and Jon was having to carry the case everywhere !

Mikayla and Jon are both experienced climbers, so when the opportunity arose Mikayla was off. She called down to say she hadn't got her chalk, Jon pointed out she hadn't got anything !

Other visitors to the location appeared in the distance allowing us chance to move or for Mikayla to cover up. Except for one ! Just as Mikayla was draped head down over a millstone and helpless a young male jogger appeared from nowhere. I don't know who was most embarresed ?

Suffice to say a good time was had by all and Mikayla Jon and myself are becoming good friends :-)

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