Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Udate nuber 3 - Oona

I almost forgot, at the end of September I had a second shoot with Oona, how could I forget ! We had a gorgeous sunny day to work with and knowing Oona likes water I took her to a location I have known all of my life in the Dove valley on the Staffodshire Derbyshire border. Inevitably Oona had to go into the water, she wasn't in for long, it is known as one of the coldest rivers in England and it lived up to that reputation ! Oona hasn't really done much art nude before but has a lot of potential and appears to enjoy art nude work.

From the river we went to another nearby location I have known all of my life and which is usually very peaceful, again we co created some very nice images.

On the way back I wanted to show her one of my favourite stretches of the river where it passes through the village I grew up in. Oona loved it and quickly pointed to a spot she thought she would look good posed in. It is more screened now by trees much taller than when I was younger, but is still in the midle of the village, I wasn't sure we could do it. I stood and had a good look around, when I truned to Oona she was nude and ready ! :-)

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