Sunday, 20 November 2011

Second shoot with Rachel

I think Rachel has friends in high places, two shoots with her and both had sunshine ! The air was cool, the ground damp and colder. But having seen some images from the last shoot with Camilla and a few from the shoot with Helen, Rachel was determined to give it a go.

We did just one hour as I could see the cold starting to get to Rachel, but what an hour !

Matt, Rachel's partner had been able to come for this shoot, with Matt acting as lookout Rachel and I could concentrate more on the photo's, just as well as where we worked is a popular spot with walkers and climbers. We didn't see any climbers but there were numerous walkers. As the location is quite big and varied we were able to move around to avoid onlookers.

The shots on the rocks with a big sky behind are something I have wanted to do for years but thought it impossible because of the popularity of the location. Rachel visiting the location for the first time was as inspired as I and as determined to use the rocks. We had a brief window of time when we had the rocks to ourselves and so worked fast and furious.

Both Rachel and I are very pleased with many of the images we created together. It is definitely getting too cold now for further shoots this year, so we are both very much looking forward to next year and already making plans.

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