Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Update number 5 - Helen, up to date :-)

I had admired Helen for some time, as she lives around one hundred and fifty miles from me I didn't think there was much chance of us getting together :-( Then I received a message from her, she was heading north and would I be interested in working with her ? If so she could come my way :-) As with Camilla it was too good an opportunity too good to miss :-)

As the due date was only a few days hence numerous messages passed between Helen and I as we both like to build a rapport if possible before meeting. After talking lots via the internet I think we both felt we knew each other quite well already :-)

On the day poor Helen had to set off at 5.30am in order to work with me before going north. We started around 8.30am, a November morning that early and after night time rain the conditions were not very nice especially under foot ! Helen didn't want to get her trainers all muddy and opted to be bare foot for the bulk of the time. After the over night rain where the paths were narrow and well trodden they were also very muddy. Helen' feet were apicture in themselves !

But Helen is a real trooper and star, no matter how cold and how wet and muddy she just laughed constantly, we both did. She is one of the most likeable people I have ever met as well as a great model. We have both already decided that we have to work together again, but when it is warmer and drier !Again just a few pic's as few have been edited as yet :-)

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