Saturday, 31 December 2011

Annabelle, the last shoot

I worked with Annabelle a few times. The first time she was very comfortable with me but was not accustomed to working in the open countryside, consequently she was a little nervous and constantly scanning around for other people coming along.

By the time we did this shoot she was very relaxed. At one pint while we were working alongside the river a couple came along on the other side. Annabelle wasn't the least bit disturbed, I had to suggest she stand near a Hawthorn bush so it was between her and the couple. She actually seemed quite excited to know they were just feet away while she frolicked nude for the camera.
We used several differnet locations that day, you feel by moving you are less likely to get caught, but then at a new location you don't know if someone else is already there out of sight ?

Sadly since these were shot Annabelle has finished at university and is concentrating on her 'proper' career. I am hoping she misses her modelling and one day again disrobes for me in some beautiful countryside.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

To come.

Having had a little snow on Monday and into Tuesday winter is here and so it is too cold now for location shoots, so over the winter months I shall upload some work from earlier shoots. Will try and add some before Christmas :-)