Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday 14th June had ben pencilled in as the day to work with Anna Bonnefoy for several weeks. Anna is from Newcastle Upon Tyne but was coming down to Nottingham for a few days. Even though it wasn't a special journey to work with me I didn't want to leave a hole in her plans, the weather having been so unseasonal and changeable I was worried we'd have to postpone.

The day before was very grey, cold and at times wet. The forecast for Thursday morning was much better although it seemed almost impossible.

Thursday morning dawned dry and sunny but cool, would it last long enough for us ? So many nornings started well but soon faded.

I met Anna at the railway station at 10am, there was still a cool breeze but also lots of sunshine with just the odd cloud, it could have been warmer but after the preceeding days it was such a relief.

We had a half hour drive to the first location, would the weather be as good there ? Would it hold out for us ? Thankfully it did :-)

The first location was a wood in Derbyshire, in parts Anna still had to brave the cool wind as it was tunneled along paths between the trees, in other parts it was more sheltered and Anna could enjoy the warmth of the mid summer sun :-)
For the second part of the shoot we drove just a little further into Staffordshire. We worked close to the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border. Anna clearly liked the locations as she stopped briefly at times to take some photo's of the landscapes on her phone :-)

Again Anna was exposed to the chill wind, but she didn't complain once and posed beautifully despite everything nature threw at her. Whilst working by the river the breeze was coming across the water making it particularly cold. Throughout the shoot I made sure Anna had plenty of warm up breaks, she rewarded me by helping me create some wonderful images.

As we finished off the sune was slipping behind building cloud, now making just very brief appearances.

When you first work with someone you are never quite sure how it will go, whether you will get on with each other etc., Anna surpassed all of my expectations. I hope we get to work together again in the very near future.
There will be more photoo's added when I have had time to edit them :-)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

On the afternoon of May 31st I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte Barnes. I knew Charlotte was based around Derby but didn't know, until we started talking about doing a shoot, just how close she is to me - about 5 minutes by car !!!!

The weather wasn't as good as forecast being cool and drizzly rather than warm and dry, the weather gods have a lot of fun at my expense ! Luckily I know of some places that offer shelter on such days. As they are about a half hour drive away it allowed Charlotte and myself to get to know each other a little, always a good thing prior to a first shoot, especially a nude shoot, (Charlotte nude that is, not me !).

Charlotte is one of the nicest, most polite and most considerate girls I know, she is also a bit crazy in the nicest possible way :-) I can see us getting together many more times :-)

Just one image for now, more to follow in the near future when I have had time to edit them :-)