Tuesday, 5 June 2012

On the afternoon of May 31st I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte Barnes. I knew Charlotte was based around Derby but didn't know, until we started talking about doing a shoot, just how close she is to me - about 5 minutes by car !!!!

The weather wasn't as good as forecast being cool and drizzly rather than warm and dry, the weather gods have a lot of fun at my expense ! Luckily I know of some places that offer shelter on such days. As they are about a half hour drive away it allowed Charlotte and myself to get to know each other a little, always a good thing prior to a first shoot, especially a nude shoot, (Charlotte nude that is, not me !).

Charlotte is one of the nicest, most polite and most considerate girls I know, she is also a bit crazy in the nicest possible way :-) I can see us getting together many more times :-)

Just one image for now, more to follow in the near future when I have had time to edit them :-)

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