Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A fun blonde

Several years ago, (before the digital cameras were made, these are film scans), I worked with a model called Michelle from Sheffield. A proper Yorkshire lass, called a shovel a shovel etc., and great fun as well as a good model.
Our first shoot was arranged for July, we arranged it just a few days before and at the time the weather was hot and sunny, ideal. On the day it was very grey, cool and started drizzling ! You can see from the first few shots the light was poor too and Michelle was quickly becoming cold.
Luckilly I had a mate with me, he wanted to get into photography and acted as assistant, he knew a local farm with a campsite, more importantly they had an indoor swimming pool ! Daz rang the farm and asked if the pool was available, great news it was ! Michelle being very professional had said she'd cope outdoors, but the news that the pool was available really lifted her spirits :-)
 The lads working on the farm had awful bad memories, constantly having to walk past the wall of pool room windows to get things from the sheds next door ! None of this bothered Michelle in the least. When it started to rain properly Michelle went over to the windows. You would think the farm lads would have taken shelter, but obviously you have to keep working, and walking past on a farm !
Overall a good time was had by all :-)

Some weeks later Michelle rang to say the 'weather is good and I have some time free, do you wnat to shoot again ?'. It was too good a chance to miss :-)

This time the weather held for us, much better for the pic's and definitely better for Michelle.
There's quite a busy road ust the other side of that wall ! While Michelle was sat there the police helicopter went over ! Michelle said, 'You can't get away from those things' with no attempt to cover herself ! A few minutes later the helicopter came back over heading to it's nearby base, Daz said 'They are going back for more film !'

You can see Michelle loves what she does and had a fun time, as did we all.

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