Friday, 2 March 2012

A beauty who retired, but is now back !

Back in November 2010 I worked with a great model called Elfin. It was a second attempt at a shoot with her. She had to borrow her aunts car and sat nav to get around and the sat nav was pretty dodgy. The first time we tried to meet she got within a mile of the meeting point when the sat nav sent her down a track meant only for the ranger service to access the Peak District moors. Elfin rang me rather frightened and panicky to say she was lost on a rough track in the middle of  who knows where with nowhere to turn around. All I could advise her to do was to keep going, luckilly she found her way to a reservoir with a car park and access to the main roads, but by now she was miles from me and it was raining heavily. It would have taken me half an hour to get to her via proper roads, reluctantly we had to abandone the shoot.

I was concerned that she wouldn't want to try again, but she did a couple of weeks later. We decided though to use a different, supposedly easier to find location. This time her sat nav had her turn off to the east when it should have said west and 7 miles further south !

She rang to say she was lost again but had found a pub next to a church. It was quite early one Sunday morning and no one was around, I didn't know where to start trying to find her. Then a gardner arrived to start work in a clients garden. I asked if he new of a pub next to a church in the area. After a bit of thought he gave me great directions to the only one he could think of and off I went.

I found it after a bit of turning around and there was Elfin sat in her car looking a little worried and lonely. It was such a relief to find each other. Then it was a drive 7 miles south to the location, which was once the route of a small railway but now connects a very small village with a local beauty spot. Being quite a long walk between village and beauty spot and it being a cold and frosty November Sunday morning I had thought it would be jsut the two of us. At first it was relativley quiet, although soon after Elfin bravely went nude in the cold we saw a jogger coming so she soon got a warm up slipping into her bath robe and her coat. As the hours passed it got busier and busier, Elfin stood in a cream coloured bath robe on a now busy track while people passed by, she got some odd looks but it didn't put her off and as soon as people had moved away a little she was uncovered and posing wonderfully again.

She did brilliantly despite the cold and so many passers by. Before she left we were discussing working together again when it warmed up in the spring, then a few weeks later she contacted me to say she needed to concentrate on her studying and was going to have to take a break from her modelling. That often means they are gone for good, a great shame when they are a great model. But in Elfin's case she is back, I really hope I get to work with her again, I know though she is going to be very popular and possibly too booked up, we shall see :-) 

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