Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cloudier than forecast !

On Monday evening I had a second shoot with Camilla-Rose.

The first time you work with a model you're not sure what to expect, with Camilla the first shoot was very good, this second shoot was even better. Her talent and ability cause you to forget she hasn't been modelling for very long. The more she does, the more she loves it and the more her confidence builds. She knows what she is trying to achieve with a pose and works very hard to get it right first time, which she usually does. She is already a very talented model.

For this latest shoot she put up with flies - again, hot air balloons, nearby traffic and negotiating deep and tangled heather and hidden boulders in fading light ! But none of it phased her or caused her to complain.

We had a great time as well as getting more very pleasing images !

It might be uncomortable, but if it will make a great shot, she will do it !

Camilla tells me she is clumsy at times so when she is scrambling around situations like this I worry about her 
What's down there ?
Oh, it's me !
This sums Camilla up beautifully
But when she needs to be serious she does it so well  
We had hoped for more sun, but this was very welcome

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