Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sunshine and showers

Thursday July 7th 2011 was a day of mixed weather, the model wasn't local to me and was making a special journey for me, so we had to go with what we got. We had a couple of showers and some thunder, in between it was sunny and warm although the ground and vegatation were very wet. At least Gestalta's clothes didn't get wet as she was modelling nude !

We started off at the side of a well known English river.

You can see the rain clouds approaching ! Luckily we weren't far from some large trees which we were able to shelter under when the rain started.
Having done numerous shots by the river and some under the trees whilst waiting for the rain to stop we decided to move to another  location, this first one is quite close to a village and we didn't want to push our luck. We had passed a gorgeous tree on the river bank and both felt it would be good to use if possible. It is only yards from a road, people in cars have their view blocked by a hedge, but tractors, trucks and pedestirans have a grandstand view !

As we got to the tree all was quiet and we decided if we were quick we'd be able to get away with it.
The tree is so gorgeous and offered Gestalta so many options for different poses that we got quite comfortable and forgot just how open the spot is. Neither of us could see the access to the field due to a large bush. All of a  sudden a mans voice said 'Ohhh.....the benefits of being a fishing club member!' Gestalta said 'Sorry!', the fisherman said 'Don't be, that's alright, really it's alright' and on he walked. So we did a few more shots :-)
We then decided we really should move on, as Gestalta dressed a couple walked past on the road, I quickly stood between them and Gestalta!
When we got to the next location it was just starting to rain and thunder, so we sheltered in a barn planning to go into the nearby countryside when the rain stopped. We thought pic's of Gestalta stood nude looking out at the moody skies might work, so off came her clothes. We hadn't captured many images when a lady driving along the nearby road saw Gestalta and started honking her car horn in an angry manner. We had to move on again.

The route I chose took us to the outskirts of a small village with and old water mill. It is somewhere I know well and have often thought would be a great spot for art nudes. Being so close to a village, quite a busy road junction and having a public footpath through the mill grounds I have always ruled it out as unuseable. As we passed the light was good and it was all quiet. We decided to have a quick look around, we were alone, what an opportunity :-)

We had a couple of tense moments when vehicles chose to turn around in the junction just yards from us, we thought we had been spotted through the sparse hedge and they were stopping!

After getting lots of great images here we decided to explore the nearby countryside leading to more great images in a different setting again.
On the way back to the mill I wondered if we could get away with some at a nearby hump backed bridge, nearer still to the village but again somewhere I had often thought would be good to use. Time was too short to drive anywhere else so we went for a look, again we were alone, so again Gestalta was nude and I was clicking away again in seconds. The weather now was glorious and the reflections on the river beautiful.
We created numerous images here under the bridge safe from any prying eyes. We felt the location and weather were now so gorgeous we'd like to do some more out in the open. People often walk over, or just onto the bridge to look at the river, at any moment we could have been caught out, but with little time left and us both on a high we threw caution to the wind - and got away with it :-)

A very pleasurable shoot with a great model :-)


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