Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fun amongst the ferns

Last week I finally managed to have a shoot with ERosanne, I say finally as I have admired and hoped to work with Ros for some years. When I first saw some of her work she lived quite near me and we discussed working together. One way or another either becuase of  time, the weather or some other reason the opportunity didn't arise. Then Ros moved down to Hertfordshire and I thought I might never get the chance to work with her.

Then in the winter I saw that Ros was back near me, so got in touch. We had snow lying and both liked the idea of shooting at a ruined mansion house we know, but the snow was too deep meaning although only around 20 miles apart we couldn't get together, my hopes dashed again.

When I saw recently that Ros is to take a break from modelling I thought it's now or possibly never. Ros kindly made some time for me and suggested a location I wouldn't have thought of, and though the weather wasn't perfect on the day it was good enough. We both had a fun time as well as getting some great images.

I just wish I had been able to work with her sooner and hopefully will again before too long.

As you can see, as well as sunshine we had some threatening clouds!

These rocks are gritstone and are very rough textured, I thought this crevice had so much potential but wasn;t sure Ros could get in there without hurting herself. But she very bravely and carefully got in and created some great images.   
How she managed to move around in the confined space and without grazing herself badly I don't know. I am eternally grateful to her.

I am also very grateful that she suggested this location, which is a busy and popular part of the Peak District. We  could hear and occassionally glimpsed other people but they didn't see us.
Around this time Ros said the location was like Jurasic Park, I said we are ok as long as they haven't released the predators !
If we were going to be spotted it was now ! We got away with it though 
A beautiful model, fantastic feeatures and textures to work with, what more could a photographer ask for ?

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